The word “abductions” has 3 syllables: ab-duc-tions.

It's pronounced as /əbˈdʌkʃənz/.

What is synonym and antonym for abductions?

In the thesaurus, “abductions” has 7 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for abductions along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for abductions

  • kidnapings
  • kidnapping
  • kidnappings
  • rape
  • rapes
  • seizure
  • theft

Meanings of abductions

  • noun
    1. Leading away; a carrying away.
    2. The act of abducing or abducting; a drawing apart; the movement which separates a limb or other part from the axis, or middle line, of the body.
    3. A syllogism or form of argument in which the major premise is evident, but the minor is only probable.
    4. The wrongful, and usually forcible, carrying off of a human being.

Example Sentences

  • The town was on edge as rumors circulated about a series of mysterious abductions in the area.
  • Authorities warned citizens to stay vigilant following a spike in reported abductions across the city.
  • The activist group organized protests to draw attention to the government's alleged involvement in the abductions of political dissidents.
  • International agencies collaborated to investigate and combat the growing problem of human trafficking and abductions.
  • The documentary shed light on the untold stories of survivors who had endured traumatic abductions and captivity.

On this page you'll find 7 synonyms or another words to abductions, such as: kidnapings, kidnapping, kidnappings, rape, rapes, seizure, theft.

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