The word “babushka” has 3 syllables: ba-bush-ka.

It's pronounced as /bəˈbʊʃkə/.

What is synonym and antonym for babushka?

In the thesaurus, “babushka” has 2 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for babushka along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for babushka

Meanings of babushka

  • noun
    1. An old woman.
    2. A woman’s headscarf, tied under the chin.
    3. Russian doll, matryoshka.

Example Sentences

  • As she strolled through the park, the elderly woman wrapped in a colorful babushka smiled at the children playing.
  • In the chilly weather, she tied a snug babushka around her head to protect against the cold wind.
  • The traditional folk dance troupe wore vibrant costumes, including the iconic Russian babushka scarves.
  • The market vendor, with a weathered face framed by a floral babushka, offered fresh produce to customers.
  • Every winter, she adorned herself with a festive babushka as she joined the holiday festivities.

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