The word “abhorred” has 3 syllables: a-bhor-red.

It's pronounced as /əbˈhɔrd/.

What is synonym and antonym for abhorred?

In the thesaurus, “abhorred” has 14 synonyms and 20 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for abhorred along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for abhorred

Antonyms for abhorred

  • activated
  • admired
  • appreciated
  • beloved
  • cherished
  • darling
  • dear
  • desired
  • enjoyed
  • favored
  • favorite
  • fond
  • fresh
  • liked
  • loved
  • pet
  • precious
  • preferred
  • special
  • sweet

Meanings of abhorred

  • verb
    1. To regard with horror or detestation; to shrink back with shuddering from; to feel excessive repugnance toward; to detest to extremity; to loathe.
    2. To fill with horror or disgust.
    3. To turn aside or avoid; to keep away from; to reject.
    4. (canon law) To protest against; to reject solemnly.
    5. To shrink back with horror, disgust, or dislike; to be contrary or averse; construed with from.
    6. Differ entirely from.
  • adjective
    1. Strongly disliked: hated, despised.
    2. Horrified.

Example Sentences

  • The community abhorred the presence of a factory emitting toxic fumes into the air.
  • The activist abhorred the company's unethical practices and organized a protest.
  • The citizens abhorred the corrupt politician and demanded accountability.
  • The artist's controversial piece was either celebrated or abhorred by critics.
  • The historian highlighted the atrocities committed in the war, events that were universally abhorred.

On this page you'll find 34 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to abhorred, such as: abominated, activated, admired, appalled, appreciated, beloved, cherished.

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