The word “cablecasts” has 3 syllables: ca-ble-casts.

It's pronounced as /ˈkeɪbəlˌkæsts/.

What is synonym and antonym for cablecasts?

In the thesaurus, “cablecasts” has 13 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for cablecasts along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for cablecasts

  • ads
  • advertisements
  • announcements
  • broadcasts
  • brochures
  • bulletins
  • fly sheets
  • flyers
  • newscasts
  • notifications
  • postings
  • show bills
  • telecasts

Example Sentences

  • Fans eagerly awaited the moment when the live event would be cablecasts across the nation.
  • The network strategically cablecasts popular shows to maximize viewership.
  • As technology advanced, streaming platforms began to compete with traditional TV cablecasts.
  • The award ceremony will be cablecasts globally, celebrating achievements in the entertainment industry.
  • Local channels often cablecasts important community announcements to keep residents informed.

On this page you'll find 13 synonyms or another words to cablecasts, such as: ads, advertisements, announcements, broadcasts, brochures, bulletins, fly sheets.

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