The word “cabooses” has 3 syllables: ca-boos-es.

It's pronounced as /kəˈbusɪz/.

What is synonym and antonym for cabooses?

In the thesaurus, “cabooses” has 22 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for cabooses along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for cabooses

  • box
  • bums
  • bungalow
  • cabin
  • camp
  • chalet
  • cheeks
  • compartment
  • cottage
  • home
  • hut
  • lean-to
  • lodge
  • ranch
  • room
  • rumps
  • seats
  • shack
  • shanty
  • shed
  • shelter
  • tails

Meanings of cabooses

  • noun
    1. A small galley or cookhouse on the deck of a small vessel.
    2. A small sand-filled container used as an oven on board ship.
    3. The last car on a freight train, having cooking and sleeping facilities for the crew; a guard’s van.
    4. Buttocks.
    5. The person or team in last place.
    6. A youngest child who is born after a big gap in time.

Example Sentences

  • Railroad enthusiasts gathered to explore the collection of vintage train cars, including several well-preserved cabooses.
  • The model train set included miniature replicas of various train cars, with tiny red cabooses bringing up the rear.
  • At the railway museum, visitors were fascinated by the colorful array of historical cabooses on display.
  • The train rumbled through the countryside, its string of bright red cabooses adding a nostalgic touch to the scene.
  • During the festival, families enjoyed rides on the miniature train, delighting in the whimsical charm of the tiny cabooses.

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