The word “fabrics” has 2 syllables: fab-rics.

It's pronounced as /ˈfæbrɪks/.

What is synonym and antonym for fabrics?

In the thesaurus, “fabrics” has 9 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for fabrics along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for fabrics

  • architectures
  • cloths
  • fiber
  • frameworks
  • goods
  • structures
  • textile
  • textiles
  • texture

Meanings of fabrics

  • noun
    1. An edifice or building.
    2. The act of constructing, construction, fabrication.
    3. The structure of anything, the manner in which the parts of a thing are united; workmanship, texture, make.
    4. The framework underlying a structure.
    5. A material made of fibers, a textile or cloth.
    6. The appearance of crystalline grains in a rock.
    7. Interconnected nodes that look like a textile fabric when diagrammed.

Example Sentences

  • In the textile store, a variety of colorful fabrics lined the shelves, offering endless possibilities for creativity.
  • Fashion designers carefully choose high-quality fabrics to ensure the comfort and elegance of their creations.
  • The interior decorator selected luxurious fabrics to enhance the opulence of the living room.
  • The fashion show featured innovative designs that showcased the versatility of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics.
  • Quilters enjoy exploring different textures and patterns in the world of fabrics to create unique and artistic pieces.

On this page you'll find 9 synonyms or another words to fabrics, such as: architectures, cloths, fiber, frameworks, goods, structures, textile.

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