face values

The phrase “face values” has 3 syllables: face val-ues.

It's pronounced as /ˈfeɪs ˈvæljuːz/.

What is synonym and antonym for face values?

In the thesaurus, “face values” has 7 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for face values along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for face values

  • costs
  • fees
  • list prices
  • prices
  • rates
  • unit prices
  • values

Example Sentences

  • The tickets were purchased at their original face values, offering a fair deal to the buyers.
  • In a world filled with deception, it's refreshing to encounter people who appreciate honesty at face values.
  • The company's commitment to transparency is evident in its adherence to ethical face values.
  • Their friendship was built on shared principles and similar face values.
  • As a collector, he cherished coins not just for their rarity but also for the historical face values they represented.

On this page you'll find 7 synonyms or another words to face values, such as: costs, fees, list prices, prices, rates, unit prices, values.

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