The word “gabfests” has 2 syllables: gab-fests.

It's pronounced as /ˈɡæbˌfɛsts/.

What is synonym and antonym for gabfests?

In the thesaurus, “gabfests” has 22 synonyms and 2 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for gabfests along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for gabfests

  • chats
  • chatter
  • communication
  • consultation
  • convention
  • conversation
  • discussion
  • essay
  • forum
  • interview
  • lecture
  • meeting
  • monologue
  • panel discussion
  • rhetoric
  • round table
  • seminar
  • speech
  • symposium
  • talk
  • talks
  • treatise

Antonyms for gabfests

Meanings of gabfests

  • noun
    1. An occasion (such as a meeting) where people talk at length.

Example Sentences

  • The weekend retreat turned into one of the most memorable gabfests with friends.
  • During the long car journey, the family indulged in multiple gabfests to pass the time.
  • As the campfire flickered, the group settled in for an evening of storytelling and gabfests.
  • The family dinners were always boisterous gabfests, filled with laughter and lively discussions.
  • The cozy corner of the bookstore became the perfect spot for literary gabfests among book club members.

On this page you'll find 24 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to gabfests, such as: chats, chatter, communication, consultation, convention, conversation, discussion.

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