gains ground

The phrase “gains ground” has 2 syllables: gains ground.

It's pronounced as /ɡeɪnz ɡraʊnd/.

What is synonym and antonym for gains ground?

In the thesaurus, “gains ground” has 11 synonyms and 8 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for gains ground along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for gains ground

  • comes
  • comes along
  • does
  • gets along
  • gets on
  • goes
  • goes along
  • goes off
  • marches
  • proceeds
  • progresses

Antonyms for gains ground

  • arrests
  • blocks
  • checks
  • remains
  • stands
  • stays
  • stems
  • stops

Example Sentences

  • The new policy slowly gains ground among the employees.
  • Innovation in renewable energy sources continues to gains ground globally.
  • As technology advances, artificial intelligence steadily gains ground in various industries.
  • Conservation efforts are crucial as deforestation relentlessly gains ground in the region.
  • In the competitive market, the brand steadily gains ground against its rivals.

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