The word “habilitated” has 5 syllables: ha-bil-i-tat-ed.

It's pronounced as /həˈbɪlɪteɪtɪd/.

What is synonym and antonym for habilitated?

In the thesaurus, “habilitated” has 13 synonyms and 17 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for habilitated along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for habilitated

  • attire
  • bundle up
  • cloak
  • disguise
  • do up
  • drape
  • dress
  • dress up
  • equip
  • fit
  • rehabilitated
  • swaddle
  • swathe

Antonyms for habilitated

  • corrupted
  • debauched
  • degraded
  • demeaned
  • demoralized
  • depraved
  • disrobe
  • lowered
  • open
  • perverted
  • poisoned
  • profaned
  • prostituted
  • reveal
  • subverted
  • uncover
  • warped

Meanings of habilitated

  • verb
    1. To enable one to function in a given manner; to make one capable of performing a given function or of conducting something; to make one fit to fulfill a given purpose or competent to act within a particular role.
    2. To qualify oneself, through a demonstration of ability, to function in a certain capacity or to act within a certain role.
    3. In European institutions of higher education, to qualify as an instructor or professor, usually by defending a dissertation or similar project.
    4. To supply money to work a mine.

Example Sentences

  • The rescued animals were successfully habilitated and reintegrated into their natural habitats.
  • After a rigorous training program, the formerly unemployed individuals felt habilitated for various job opportunities.
  • The dilapidated building was carefully renovated and habilitated into a thriving community center.
  • The rehabilitation program not only treated addiction but also habilitated individuals to lead fulfilling lives.
  • Following the program, the participants felt habilitated with renewed confidence and skills for their careers.

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