The word “hades” has 1 syllable: hades.

It's pronounced as /ˈheɪˌdiːz/.

What is synonym and antonym for hades?

In the thesaurus, “hades” has 9 synonyms and 6 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for hades along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for hades

  • inferno
  • limbo
  • misery
  • netherworld
  • nightmare
  • purgatory
  • sheol
  • tartarus
  • underworld

Antonyms for hades

  • glory
  • heaven
  • nirvana
  • promised land
  • sky
  • valhalla

Meanings of hades

  • noun
    1. State; order, estate, rank, degree, or quality.
    2. A slope; the slope of a vein, fault or dike from the vertical; the complement of the dip.
    3. A headland; a strip of land at the side of a field upon which a plough may be turned.
  • verb
    1. To slope or incline from the vertical.

Example Sentences

  • The ancient warriors ventured into the depths of hades to retrieve a sacred artifact.
  • The old tales spoke of mythical creatures that dwelled in the realm of hades.
  • In the midst of the storm, it felt as if the ship had sailed into the very heart of hades.
  • The poet's words described a journey through the underworld, guided by the spirits of hades.
  • The hero faced trials that seemed to emerge from the depths of hades itself.

On this page you'll find 15 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to hades, such as: glory, heaven, inferno, limbo, misery, netherworld, nightmare.

Make sure to choose synonyms and antonyms that are appropriate for the context of the sentence.

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