The word “idealogy” has 5 syllables: i-de-al-o-gy.

It's pronounced as /ˌaɪdiˈɒlədʒi/.

What is synonym and antonym for idealogy?

In the thesaurus, “idealogy” has 3 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for idealogy along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for idealogy

  • creed
  • doctrine
  • philosophy

Example Sentences

  • She staunchly adhered to her own idealogy despite criticism from her peers.
  • The political party outlined its core principles and idealogy in its manifesto.
  • During the debate, the candidates sparred over differences in their respective idealogy.
  • The professor challenged the students to critically analyze the underlying assumptions of a particular idealogy.
  • The social movement gained momentum as more individuals embraced its empowering idealogy.

On this page you'll find 3 synonyms or another words to idealogy, such as: creed, doctrine, philosophy.

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