The word “jails” has 1 syllable: jails.

It's pronounced as /dʒeɪlz/.

What is synonym and antonym for jails?

In the thesaurus, “jails” has 16 synonyms and 9 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for jails along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for jails

  • cell
  • confine
  • detain
  • hold
  • imprison
  • imprisons
  • incarcerates
  • interns
  • lock up
  • lockup
  • penitentiaries
  • penitentiary
  • prison
  • prisons
  • sentence
  • take away

Antonyms for jails

  • discharges
  • free
  • frees
  • let go
  • liberate
  • liberates
  • outsides
  • release
  • releases

Meanings of jails

  • noun
    1. A place or institution for the confinement of persons held in lawful custody or detention, especially for minor offenses or with reference to some future judicial proceeding.
    2. Confinement in a jail.
    3. The condition created by the requirement that a horse claimed in a claiming race not be run at another track for some period of time (usually 30 days).
    4. In dodgeball and related games, the area where players who have been struck by the ball are confined.
    5. (FreeBSD) A kind of sandbox for running a guest operating system instance.
  • verb
    1. To imprison.

Example Sentences

  • I hope the judge jails the criminals for their actions.
  • The city jails were overcrowded due to increased crime rates.
  • If the system fails, it jails the innocent along with the guilty.
  • The new legislation aims to reform the jails and improve conditions.
  • She fears that corruption within the police force protects those who should be in jails.

On this page you'll find 25 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to jails, such as: cell, confine, detain, discharges, free, frees, hold.

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