The word “jalopies” has 3 syllables: jal-o-pies.

It's pronounced as /dʒəˈlɒpiz/.

What is synonym and antonym for jalopies?

In the thesaurus, “jalopies” has 1 synonym.

Here are synonyms for jalopies along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for jalopies

  • crates

Meanings of jalopies

  • noun
    1. An old, dilapidated or unpretentious automobile.
    2. A hip, cool, groovy automobile.

Example Sentences

  • The small town parade featured a colorful array of vintage jalopies.
  • After hours of tinkering, they finally got the old jalopies running smoothly.
  • The race track echoed with the roar of engines as the jalopies sped around the circuit.
  • The museum's collection included a fascinating exhibit on the evolution of automotive design, featuring several well-preserved jalopies.
  • In the classic movie, the characters embarked on a cross-country adventure in their trusty jalopies.

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