la dolce vita

The phrase “la dolce vita” has 5 syllables: la dol-ce vi-ta.

It's pronounced as /lɑ ˈdɔl.tʃe ˈviː.tə/.

What is synonym and antonym for la dolce vita?

In the thesaurus, “la dolce vita” has 4 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for la dolce vita along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for la dolce vita

  • american dream
  • good life
  • revelry
  • seduction

Example Sentences

  • In the quaint Italian village, locals embraced la dolce vita with leisurely strolls and aromatic espresso breaks.
  • The sun-kissed coastline beckoned travelers to savor la dolce vita under the Mediterranean sky.
  • Amid the bustling city life, he found moments of tranquility by immersing himself in la dolce vita—simple pleasures and good company.
  • The charming cafe on the corner became a haven for those seeking a taste of la dolce vita in the heart of the urban hustle.
  • With each bite of homemade pasta and sip of red wine, they reveled in the essence of la dolce vita at the family dinner table.

On this page you'll find 4 synonyms or another words to la dolce vita, such as: american dream, good life, revelry, seduction.

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