The word “backfires” has 2 syllables: back-fires.

It's pronounced as /ˈbækˌfaɪrz/.

What is synonym and antonym for backfires?

In the thesaurus, “backfires” has 9 synonyms and 4 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for backfires along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for backfires

  • bonfires
  • brush fires
  • campfires
  • collapses
  • fail
  • flop
  • flops
  • forest fires
  • wildfires

Antonyms for backfires

  • accomplish
  • achieve
  • succeed
  • succeeds

Meanings of backfires

  • noun
    1. A small, controlled fire set in the path of a larger uncontrolled fire, in order to limit the spread of the large fire by removing its fuel.
    2. An explosion produced either by a running internal combustion engine that occurs in the air intake or exhaust system rather than inside the combustion chamber or unburned fuel or hydrocarbons ignited somewhere in the exhaust system.
    3. A premature explosion in the cylinder of a gas or oil engine during the exhaust or the compression stroke, tending to drive the piston in the wrong direction.
    4. An explosion in the exhaust passages of an internal combustion engine.
  • verb
    1. (of a gun, cannon, Bunsen burner, etc.) To fire in the opposite direction, for example due to an obstruction in the barrel.
    2. (of an engine) To experience a premature ignition of fuel or an ignition of exhaust gases, making a popping sound.
    3. To fail in a manner that brings down further misfortune.

Example Sentences

  • Attempting to undermine the project only backfires and hampers team morale.
  • The plan to exploit a loophole easily backfires when discovered by authorities.
  • Gossiping about colleagues often backfires and creates a toxic work environment.
  • Sometimes, offering unsolicited advice backfires and strains relationships.
  • Spreading false rumors about competitors frequently backfires and damages one's credibility.

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