The word “caddy” has 2 syllables: cad-dy.

It's pronounced as /ˈkædi/.

What is synonym and antonym for caddy?

In the thesaurus, “caddy” has 4 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for caddy along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for caddy

  • bin
  • box
  • locker
  • trunk

Meanings of caddy

  • noun
    1. One hired to assist another in playing the game of golf.
    2. A small box, can, or chest to keep things in.
    3. A movable tray or other mechanism for holding, securing, and transporting a removable component within a piece of machinery or equipment.
  • verb
    1. To serve as a caddy, carrying golf clubs etc.

Example Sentences

  • During the golf game, the player relied on his trusted caddy to provide the right club for each shot.
  • The well-trained caddy efficiently carried the golfer's bag, anticipating the needs on the course.
  • As the sun beat down on the golf course, the dedicated caddy provided valuable advice to improve the player's game.
  • The professional golfer and his caddy formed a seamless partnership, working together to navigate the challenges of the tournament.
  • The golfer tipped his caddy generously for the excellent support and insightful guidance throughout the round.

On this page you'll find 4 synonyms or another words to caddy, such as: bin, box, locker, trunk.

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