The word “iconoclast” has 4 syllables: i-con-o-clast.

It's pronounced as /aɪˈkɒnəˌklæst/.

What is synonym and antonym for iconoclast?

In the thesaurus, “iconoclast” has 2 synonyms and 6 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for iconoclast along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for iconoclast

  • bohemian
  • maverick

Antonyms for iconoclast

  • adherent
  • conformer
  • conformist
  • follower
  • sheep
  • supporter

Meanings of iconoclast

  • noun
    1. One who destroys religious images or icons, especially an opponent of the Orthodox Church in the 8th and 9th centuries, or a Puritan during the European Reformation.
    2. One who opposes orthodoxy and religion; one who adheres to the doctrine of iconoclasm.
    3. (by extension) One who attacks cherished beliefs.

Example Sentences

  • She was known in the art world as a fearless iconoclast, challenging traditional forms with her avant-garde sculptures.
  • The literary critic gained a reputation as an intellectual iconoclast for his bold critiques of classic literature.
  • The young musician emerged as an iconoclast, blending genres and defying conventional music norms.
  • In the business world, he became an iconoclast by revolutionizing traditional marketing strategies.
  • The philosopher's ideas were considered radical and iconoclastic within the academic community.

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