The word “ideating” has 4 syllables: i-de-at-ing.

It's pronounced as /ˈaɪdiˌeɪtɪŋ/.

What is synonym and antonym for ideating?

In the thesaurus, “ideating” has 16 synonyms and 4 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for ideating along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for ideating

  • appreciate
  • conceiving
  • consider
  • dreaming
  • envisioning
  • figure out
  • imagining
  • judge
  • picturing
  • ponder
  • reflect
  • resolve
  • seeing
  • speculate
  • study
  • visualizing

Antonyms for ideating

Meanings of ideating

  • verb
    1. To apprehend in thought so as to fix and hold in the mind; to memorize.
    2. To generate an idea.

Example Sentences

  • The design team spent hours ideating to generate concepts for the upcoming product launch.
  • During the workshop, participants were actively ideating to address the challenges posed by the industry.
  • The brainstorming session was in full swing, with team members passionately ideating solutions to the complex problem.
  • As the project progressed, the engineers were constantly ideating to refine the technical aspects of the solution.
  • In the creative space, artists were deeply immersed in the process of ideating new and visually compelling artworks.

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