The word “Kafkaesque” has 3 syllables: Kaf-ka-esque.

It's pronounced as /ˌkæf.kəˈɛsk/.

What is synonym and antonym for Kafkaesque?

In the thesaurus, “Kafkaesque” has 14 synonyms and 24 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for Kafkaesque along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for Kafkaesque

  • difficult
  • illogical
  • impenetrable
  • incomprehensible
  • inexplicable
  • irrational
  • misleading
  • strange
  • surreal
  • unfathomable
  • unintelligible
  • unreasonable
  • unusual
  • weird

Antonyms for Kafkaesque

  • certain
  • clear
  • commonsense
  • compelling
  • credible
  • enlightened
  • informed
  • just
  • justified
  • lucid
  • persuasive
  • plain
  • plausible
  • reasoned
  • sane
  • satisfying
  • sensible
  • simple
  • simplified
  • simplistic
  • sober
  • true
  • uncomplicated
  • wise

Example Sentences

  • The bureaucratic process was so convoluted and absurd that it felt truly kafkaesque.
  • In the dream, she found herself trapped in a maze of illogical scenarios, a truly kafkaesque experience.
  • The novel's protagonist navigated a surreal and nightmarish world, embodying the essence of kafkaesque literature.
  • The courtroom proceedings took on a bewildering and nightmarish quality, resembling something kafkaesque.
  • The film depicted a dystopian society where individuals faced absurd challenges and bureaucratic hurdles, capturing the essence of the kafkaesque.

On this page you'll find 38 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to Kafkaesque, such as: certain, clear, commonsense, compelling, credible, difficult, enlightened.

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