The word “naked” has 2 syllables: na-ked.

It's pronounced as /ˈneɪkɪd/.

What is synonym and antonym for naked?

In the thesaurus, “naked” has 15 synonyms and 26 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for naked along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for naked

  • bald
  • bare
  • blatant
  • defenseless
  • exposed
  • helpless
  • nude
  • open
  • peeled
  • plain
  • simple
  • stripped
  • unadorned
  • uncovered
  • undecorated

Antonyms for naked

  • adorned
  • attired
  • clad
  • clothed
  • covered
  • decorated
  • dressed
  • embellished
  • fancy
  • flamboyant
  • flashy
  • garbed
  • garish
  • gaudy
  • glitzy
  • invested
  • loud
  • ornamented
  • ostentatious
  • robed
  • showy
  • suited
  • swank
  • swanky
  • tawdry
  • veiled

Meanings of naked

  • adjective
    1. Bare, not covered by clothing.
    2. Lacking some clothing; clothed only in underwear.
    3. Glib, without decoration, put bluntly.
    4. Characterized by the nakedness of the people concerned or to whom the described noun is attributed.
    5. Unarmed.
    6. Unaided, unaccompanied.
    7. Unprotected, uncovered; (by extension) without a condom.
    8. (of a derivative contract) Where the writer (seller) does not own the underlying asset to cover the contract.
    9. Resourceless, poor, lacking means.
    10. (with “of”) Lacking or devoid of something.
    11. Blank, clean, empty.
    12. (of land, rocks, or plants) Barren, having no foliage, unvegetated.
    13. Uncomfortable or vulnerable, as if missing something important.
    14. (of food or other consumer products) Without any additives, or without some component that would usually be included.
    15. Of a singularity, not hidden within an event horizon and thus observable from other parts of spacetime.
  • verb
    1. To make naked; to bare.

Example Sentences

  • I saw a naked tree in the middle of the forest.
  • The artist painted a stunning portrait of a naked woman.
  • The baby giggled when she saw herself in the mirror, thinking she was naked.
  • The hiker felt vulnerable and naked in the vast wilderness.
  • The truth laid naked before them, revealing a harsh reality.

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