The word “gags” has 1 syllable: gags.

It's pronounced as /ɡæɡz/.

What is synonym and antonym for gags?

In the thesaurus, “gags” has 15 synonyms and 4 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for gags along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for gags

  • choke
  • chokes
  • constrain
  • hoax
  • jokes
  • laughs
  • muzzle
  • pranks
  • quip
  • ruse
  • suppress
  • trick
  • tricks
  • vomits
  • wisecrack

Antonyms for gags

  • breathes
  • free
  • let go
  • release

Meanings of gags

  • noun
    1. A device to restrain speech, such as a rag in the mouth secured with tape or a rubber ball threaded onto a cord or strap.
    2. An order or rule forbidding discussion of a case or subject.
    3. A joke or other mischievous prank.
    4. A device or trick used to create a practical effect; a gimmick.
    5. A convulsion of the upper digestive tract.
    6. A mouthful that makes one retch or choke.
    7. Mycteroperca microlepis, a species of grouper.
  • verb
    1. To experience the vomiting reflex.
    2. To cause to heave with nausea.
    3. To restrain someone's speech by blocking his or her mouth.
    4. To pry or hold open by means of a gag.
    5. To restrain someone's speech without using physical means.
    6. To choke; to retch.
    7. To deceive (someone); to con.

Example Sentences

  • The stand-up comedian delivered a series of clever gags that had the audience in stitches.
  • In the comedy film, the actor's impeccable timing brought the well-written gags to life.
  • As the clown performed, each of his silly gags had children and adults alike bursting into laughter.
  • The sitcom's success was attributed to its witty dialogue and hilarious running gags.
  • During the improv show, the actors improvised a variety of amusing gags that had the audience in uproarious laughter.

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