The word “gagster” has 2 syllables: gag-ster.

It's pronounced as /ˈɡæɡstər/.

What is synonym and antonym for gagster?

In the thesaurus, “gagster” has 10 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for gagster along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for gagster

  • artist
  • buffoon
  • comedian
  • comic
  • fool
  • illustrator
  • jester
  • mime
  • prankster
  • trickster

Meanings of gagster

  • noun
    1. Joker; comedian.

Example Sentences

  • The comedy club featured a headlining act known as the master gagster, keeping the audience entertained all night.
  • As a skilled gagster, he effortlessly turned mundane situations into comedic gold.
  • The sitcom's success was owed in part to the brilliant work of the lead gagster who crafted unforgettable punchlines.
  • In the world of stand-up, the seasoned gagster could make any audience burst into laughter with his quick wit.
  • The film's script was crafted by a renowned Hollywood gagster known for creating memorable and humorous dialogue.

On this page you'll find 10 synonyms or another words to gagster, such as: artist, buffoon, comedian, comic, fool, illustrator, jester.

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