The word “habiliment” has 4 syllables: ha-bil-i-ment.

It's pronounced as /həˈbɪlɪmənt/.

What is synonym and antonym for habiliment?

In the thesaurus, “habiliment” has 6 synonyms.

Here are synonyms for habiliment along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for habiliment

  • apparel
  • attire
  • clothes
  • clothing
  • dress
  • garments

Meanings of habiliment

  • noun
    1. Clothes, especially clothing appropriate for someone's job, status, or to an occasion.
    2. Equipment or furnishings characteristic of a place or being; trappings.

Example Sentences

  • The medieval knight adorned his suit of armor as his primary habiliment for battle.
  • The fashion designer carefully selected each piece of habiliment to create a stunning and cohesive collection.
  • In the traditional ceremony, the priest wore a ceremonial habiliment passed down through generations.
  • The theatrical production featured elaborate and colorful habiliment to bring the characters to life on stage.
  • The bride looked radiant in her white wedding habiliment as she walked down the aisle.

On this page you'll find 6 synonyms or another words to habiliment, such as: apparel, attire, clothes, clothing, dress, garments.

Make sure to choose synonyms and antonyms that are appropriate for the context of the sentence.

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