The word “identities” has 4 syllables: i-den-ti-ties.

It's pronounced as /aɪˈdɛntɪtiz/.

What is synonym and antonym for identities?

In the thesaurus, “identities” has 11 synonyms and 1 antonym.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for identities along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for identities

  • character
  • characters
  • equality
  • existence
  • identification
  • integrity
  • name
  • personalities
  • personality
  • status
  • unity

Antonyms for identities

  • conventionalities

Meanings of identities

  • noun
    1. Sameness, identicalness; the quality or fact of (several specified things) being the same.
    2. The difference or character that marks off an individual or collective from the rest of the same kind, selfhood, sense of who something or someone or oneself is, or the recurring characteristics that enable the recognition of such an individual or group by others or themself.
    3. A name or persona—a mask or appearance one presents to the world—by which one is known.
    4. An equation which always holds true regardless of the choice of input variables.
    5. Any function which maps all elements of its domain to themselves.
    6. An element of an algebraic structure which, when applied to another element under an operation in that structure, yields this second element.
    7. A well-known or famous person.

Example Sentences

  • In the bustling city, people from diverse backgrounds coexist, each with unique identities.
  • The cybersecurity team worked diligently to protect the online identities of users from potential threats.
  • The sociologist studied the impact of social media on the formation of online identities.
  • The art exhibit showcased the artists' exploration of personal and cultural identities through their work.
  • The support group provided a safe space for individuals to express their true identities without judgment.

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