The word “abbreviates” has 4 syllables: ab-brev-i-ates.

It's pronounced as /əˈbriːvieɪts/.

What is synonym and antonym for abbreviates?

In the thesaurus, “abbreviates” has 5 synonyms and 11 antonyms.

Here are synonyms and antonyms for abbreviates along with examples of usage in sentences.

Synonyms for abbreviates

Antonyms for abbreviates

  • adds
  • elongates
  • enlarges
  • expand
  • expands
  • extend
  • extends
  • increase
  • increases
  • lengthens
  • prolongs

Meanings of abbreviates

  • verb
    1. To shorten by omitting parts or details.
    2. To speak or write in a brief manner.
    3. To make shorter; to shorten (in time); to abridge; to shorten by ending sooner than planned.
    4. To reduce a word or phrase by means of contraction or omission to a shorter recognizable form.
    5. To reduce to lower terms, as a fraction.

Example Sentences

  • The new software feature efficiently abbreviates long file names for improved readability.
  • The condensed version of the document abbreviates complex terms to enhance clarity.
  • In technical writing, using acronyms often abbreviates lengthy and repetitive terminology.
  • The presenter skillfully abbreviates the content without losing essential information.
  • The style guide encourages writers to use language that abbreviates and simplifies complex ideas.

On this page you'll find 16 synonyms, antonyms, or another words to abbreviates, such as: abort, abridge, adds, compress, elongates, enlarges, expand.

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